Project Cargo and Logistics

Our standard all risks cover will include the cargo from time of departing place of manufacture or Free on Board at stated port, depending on the sales contract.

What we cover

For expensive and heavy cargoes we expect our surveyor to be present for all lifts and their approval of stowage plans is also essential. Where heavy-lift transports are involved, we also offer coverage during positioning tows at either end of the process and removal of debris coverage. 

Who we cover

Our experience insuring the transport of large and complex machinery for our floating power clients as well as the completed barge as heavy-lift cargo has led us further in the direction of offering cover for project cargo for exporters - whether selling on a turnkey basis or not - or for contractors with major international construction or erection projects. Delay in Start-up is a frequently demanded product, often in the name of the finance parties.

Project cargo is a global business and we are able to draw on an extensive network of surveyors to support us. We like to be involved at an early stage in the planning process and to evaluate complex inland transports in remote areas where a pre-transport routing evaluation is a typical requirement. Our work with owners of mobile generating equipment in difficult parts of the globe has equipped us well in that respect. In the Nordic area we work with local logistics companies where we are able to complement the products they offer.


We work within a capacity of $200 million any one bottom or location with higher amounts available for the occasional very high heavy-lift exposure.